Polish Museum and Archives in Australia

Muzeum i Archiwum Polonii Australijskiej

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ChildrenThe Polish Museum and Archives in Australia was established in 1991 as an initiative of a number of people who saw the importance of collecting and preserving historical materials that reflected the individual and community life of Polish immigrants living in Australia. The organisation was incorporated in 1992.

The aims of the organisation are to:
Current Activities and Projects

Collections Project:
The Polish Museum and Archives continually seeks significant objects, documents and photographs that relate to the story of Polish post war migration experiences. It would be a lost opportunity to make our mark on the multicultural mosaic of Australia and for our own sense of cultural identify, if we were to lose these treasures, just because their true significance was not recognised at the time.

Oral History Project:

The post-war Polish immigrants are today our senior citizens. It is therefore important to document the experiences of these early pioneers. Such experiences include:
It is vital that these stories be recorded and passed down to future generations of Polish Australians. They should also be documented as part of the greater multicultural Australian experience.